• Shipping Policy

    Feel free to read all shipping policies before purchasing

    1- Please read the product description carefully.

    2- Please confirm the appropriate size from the size chart.

    3- If the order has been confirmed and shipped, it cannot be modified.

    4- It is preferable to provide a WhatsApp number for easy communication.

    5- It is preferable to put a detailed and clear address (province – region – street name – building number – apartment floor – distinctive sign) for the speedy delivery of the order.

    6- If there are any shipping instructions, please clarify them in the notes when making the order.

    7- In the case of ordering more than one order at the same address, please contact customer service to ship them in one shipment before completing the shipping process, otherwise each order will be shipped separately with new shipping charges.

    8- Most of the time, if the data is complete, the order is shipped directly without contacting the customer.

    9- In the event of making a wrong order / requesting a modification to the order, please contact customer service before shipping the order.

    10- All orders are delivered closed, in order to preserve the products and ensure the highest quality. In the event of any problem with the order, contact customer service and we will assist you.

    11- Delivery takes place within 2: 5 working days from the date of the request, with the exception of weekly and official holidays.

    12- The customer is contacted by customer service 3 times in 3 different days. In the event of no response, the order is canceled.

    13- The shipping company communicates daily from the beginning of shipping the order. Please follow the phone in anticipation of a call from the shipping company or customer service.